New thermoplastic composite design concepts and their automated manufacture


Thermoplastic composites have inherent properties that make them ideally suited for low-weight, low-cost aerospace structures. These composites boast high toughness, reprocessability and excellent fire safety performance.

Robots – the affordable alternative?


A recently completed first stage of trials at Fokker Aerostructures in Hoogeveen, The Netherlands, has seen further development of the common industrial robot as an alternative option for the production of structural carbon fibre thermoplastic products with a novel new design. Simon Lott reports.

TAPAS launches website


With the launch of the new TAPAS website, the partners in the Thermoplastic Affordable Primary Structure Consortium intend to offer third parties more insight into the objectives, structure and progress of the TAPAS project. The information provides background and contacts of all partners involved are available for further comments.

TenCate Advanced Composites adds carbon fiber PEEK thermoplastic laminate to the TenCate Cetex© portfolio


TenCate Advanced Composites expands its existing aerospace range of PPS and PEI based Reinforced Thermoplastic Laminates with PEEK based products. The new TenCate Cetex© product targets applications that require a combination of elevated temperature performance, chemical resistance and toughness.

Fokker Aerostructures procures new fiber placement machine


Fokker Aerostructures has procured a large fiber placement machine from automation specialist Boikon from the Netherlands. Ultrasonic heating technology developed by Fokker Aerostructures, will be integrated in the machine. Starting end of 2010, it will be used to lay up the seven metres span skin of the torsion box.

KVE completes new prototype welding system


KVE Composites Group has completed the first prototype induction welding tooling system which can handle large curved structures. Instead of a large costly tool which encloses the entire structure a smaller more cost efficient system has been made which can re-positioned on the structure to be welded by an industrial robot.